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In Constant Pursue of Excellence

Our Mission

The mission of this project is to provide the best possible quality knowledge, information, expertise and exercises about Tennis Coaching and development, available to everyone. Our main purpose is to help to develop the sport based on operational and practical information and tools that can be applied by everyone, everywhere, based on the main principles of science and inovation. A platform to help players, coaches, parents and all passionte tennis enthusiasts, guiding them into a deeper knowledge and level in their favourite sport. We are always IN CONSTANT PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE!

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen!
Michael Jordan
About Me

Hi, I'm César Coutinho


Head of Tennis Education of the Portuguese Tennis Federation responsible for the strategic lines of development of Portuguese Tennis and the education of all agents involved (coaches at all levels, referees, parents, managers) – former national junior coach of the same Federation;


Highest coaching qualifications in Belgium (Trainer A) and Portugal (Level 3);


Head Coach and Sports Director of CCTennis Performance Academy @ TC Orscamp, development performance academy


High Performance Head Coach with 20 years of fulltime on tour travelling experience, being in more than 80 countries worldwide (more than once) in the most important international tournaments of every age category (singles and doubles titles in every age and gender);


Best achieved ranking of a player coached from base – 57 ATP (Gastão Elias) and 6 ITF Junior (World Junior ranking) – several players achieved the number 1 national rankings of their countries and age categories;


Best consulted player (part of the team) – 5 ATP (Tommy Robredo) – when was number 7 ATP. Achieved Australian singles quarters losing to Federer in tied sets, and reached first singles hardcourt title after the proposed changes in his game;


5 years Sport Science Degree, MSc in Youth and High-Performance Sports Coaching in the top Portuguese University, and PhD in Tennis Biomechanics in the top world University in the field;


8 years University Professor in the Faculty of Human Kinetics of the Technical University of Lisbon – Best Sport University in Portugal (same as José Mourinho) teaching all tennis related subjects in bachelors and master’s level;


Author of 5 books about Tennis, 3 of them as a result of Tennis conferences as organizer. Other 2 were innovative books in their field – first in Portugal and second worldwide


Invited Speaker in many tennis conferences national and International, and development of thematic conferences together with the Portuguese Sports Confederation that supervises all the Sports entities in Portugal

What I Offer


In the coaching part we have different type of programs according to the needs of the age and level of the players, as well as according to the time you have available.

Whatever the program you choose, you can count with our dedication, passion and delivery, with a high commitment to improve your game.

Private Practices

Get a one on one approach with our team of coaches, and develop the skills according to your needs and goals

U11 Programs

Where everything starts. A good base is determinant for the future

High Performance

The elite programs! Some of our players are N1 in Belgium and National Champions

Stages and Blocks

Make weeks or blocks of practice with us and develop specific skills to upgrade your game

What I Offer


Several possibilities to better suit your profile and needs for development. Pre arranged products for you, but also the possibility of creating a special package just for you after match and level assessment. You are our priority!

Use our expertise to add weapons to your game – Create an extra development of an area of your game or work in a specific goal to take your skills one step forward! We are here to help you achieve your goals!

What I Offer


Get the latest information – Stay updated about the most advanced methods and developments in Tennis! Get applied information with interaction to get the full understanding of matters in question, to help you or someone else

Workshops for Coaches

The latest information from one of the best experts in tennis development, joining the theorical information with 2 decades of experience developing players from all levels and ages.

Workshops for Parents

The more important details for helping your kids to maximize their development in the sport they love. Passed in a very applied way and in a long term development way.

Online Workshops

All the more necessary information in online workshops where you can view and review the concepts to maximize the assimilation

Live Workshops

With live presence of César where all doubts and questions can be clarified in detail

Training Material


Quality information prepared in a very applied way, to be acessible to every Tennis enthusiast

INSIDE OUT – technical analysis from the bottom to the top
29 reviews
SUCCESS IN TENNIS – the science behind the results
35 reviews
THE SERVE – everything you ever wanted to know
70 reviews
Training Material



Videos with animations to be able to better explain what we want, so that the information is completely clear


Explaining videos about the concepts and ideas behind a certain goal or objective related to Tennis


Practical application of the two points presented before, where we operationalise the implementation of the knowledge

How Can I Help

Training Blocks

Come and spend with us blocks of practice during the season, so that we can help you maximize the development in different areas of the game and monitor your progression. Weeks of intensive Tennis passing by many of the exercises better for your development. Possible to include consulting material

Who Support Me

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How To Reach Me

Contact Me


    Albrecht Rodenbachstraat 48, 8020 Oostkamp, Bélgica


    +351 914850007 (whats app)



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